December 16, 2009

The Met’s Tosca on television

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Act Two of the Met’s Tosca has just ended. The production doesn’t seem objectionable to me. The singers are all more than adequate. The Scarpia is relatively young and not bad-looking. That Karita Mattila looks like an older woman in a wig throws off the dynamic of their interaction. Sometimes she has a little bit of a Lucille Ball sort of appearance. If she had been my grandmother’s granddaughter, she would have been told that she walks like a longshoreman.

I was never a great fan of Zinka Milanov, but I’d have to say that Zinka Milanov was a much better Tosca.

December 16, 2009

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Dominick Dunne’s last novel Too Much Money is reviewed by the Victoria Advocate. I enjoyed some of his earlier novels, but this one doesn’t sound like one I’d want to read. The main character is based on Dunne himself, and he is not infinitely interesting. On the whole the book sounds grim and boring.

December 9, 2009

Dan Brown at La Scala

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Novelist Dan Brown was at La Scala in Milan recently for the opening night of the opera season. He said the theatre of La Scala would be an ideal place in which to set a murder scene and that “he would give serious thought to incorporating the opera houses into his next thriller.” ( There have been small mistakes in his previous novels. If he writes about the world of opera, he had better be very careful, because there will be quite a few opera fans eager to point out his every mistake.

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