May 16, 2011

Must you go?

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I finished skimming through the book Must You Go? My Life with Harold Pinter by Antonia Fraser. Famed biographer Lady Antonia Fraser has put together a book about her relationship with playwright Harold Pinter from 1975 (when they met) until 2008 (when Pinter died). Most of the book consists of diary entries.

Both were married to others when they met. After divorcing their spouses, they eventually married, in a civil ceremony. When several years later both ex-spouses had died, the couple solemnized their marriage in a Catholic ceremony. The book is not especially interesting, but it it is worth borrowing from a public library to read some of the pages and to skim over others. I would not recommend buying the book. Not much substance. Not much explanation. A certain amount of name-dropping. These people don’t have lunch or dinner with just anybody! But if the other diners are untitled, that’s OK. Lady Antonia will expect the best seat as an earl’s daughter.

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